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Game CourseGAME:IT Intermediate Game Category -Action

Crash Zone is a 2-player destruction derby game. The object is to use your car to damage the other player's car beyond repair. Use your back-end and aim for their front-end for maximum damage. Avoid taking damage from the other player and hitting the wall to ensure your victory. Crash Zone has 2 different playable surface, each will affect your car differently. Use WASD and the Arrow keys to control each car. This is a game students will build in our "GAME:IT 2.0 Intermediate" course.

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<iframe class="game-iframe" src="/sf-serve/201422/outlier_obliterator-1.0/index.html?class_id=&amp;course_id=&amp;active=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>
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