Asteroid Destroyer

Boom Pow Math: Functions

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You play as the Specter; a formerly retired war veteran that a city is now relying on to defend it from mysterious

The Power To Not Use So Much Power

You meet a wizard that informs you that a giant tsunami is coming to destroy your town! Assuming this has been caused by

Lost Without Light

Lost Without Light is an exploration game where you travel through a maze and collect the orbs so you can open the door

Pick up and Fight

An arcade style fighting game where you use your enviroment to defeat your enemies.

Spirit Subjugation

The player controls a fire mage who is in need of money for new equipment. Luckily, there is bounty for the exact amount

Jake The Dachshund Saves Christmas!

Hail to a season of wonderful bliss! A time to remember good thoughts and cheer, Presents flowing, mistletoe and a kiss


Join the little astronaut in their adventure into space, to document all the planets! Using their trusty jetpack, you

The Adventure of Atlas

Atlas the archaeologist gets sent on a critical mission to find the necklace of immortality, using a treasure map

Lantern in the White Woods

You Are in the woods with a book and a Lantern. It is dark. You can only hear the wind and your beating heart. The


You play as Dr. Brainula, a man with a brain so big it has helped him to develop a weak form of telepathy. There, he can

Bovine Battle

Bug Smash

CannonBall Launch

Crash Zone

Falling for Newton

Fish Flop

Flip The Robot Monkey

Fruit Snake

Half Full


Mini Racers

Paddle Battle

Pocket Piano & Instruments